You may think that pain is just a natural part of getting older and that there is no way to ever completely be rid of it. However, it is often possible to significantly reduce pain throughout your entire body simply by repositioning your jaw! To learn more about natural pain relief through jaw repositioning in Dunkirk, Maryland, call 410-257-7200 to schedule with our dentists at Calvert Smiles! Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates can examine your jaw and symptoms and help you find relief.

The TMJ Connection

Each part of the human body is connected to the entire system of the body. When one part of the body is not working or aligning correctly, other parts will be affected, and sometimes the effects will be very far-reaching indeed!

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the connecting joint between the jawbone and the rest of the skull. Because this joint gets frequent daily use in eating, chewing and speaking, it is very common for the joint to shift out of its normal alignment. This often results in local problems, such as clicking and popping in the joint when opening and closing the mouth, but resulting problems can also extend to the head, shoulders and even back. Problems with jaw alignment can lead to headaches, dizziness, nausea and muscle soreness.

If your jaw is causing you discomfort and you are also suffering from frequent headaches, shoulder tension, back pain or other problems, repositioning your jaw may provide relief throughout your entire body. Jaw repositioning can also assist with some sleep disorders so that you can breathe well and sleep soundlessly throughout the night. This can further reduce tension in your body and headaches caused by sleep deprivation.

Relieve Your Pain Through Jaw Repositioning

Our dentists can go over your symptoms and examine your jaw during a consultation. Our caring team will ask about discomfort you may be feeling in your entire body, not just around your jaw, because it is our goal to help you feel great again overall. We will then discuss treatment options for repositioning your jaw and getting you back on track to a healthy body. Call today to schedule a visit with our caring dentists!