Our dentists and team at Calvert Smiles are passionate about maintaining an eco-friendly dental office and minimizing our impact and the burden we place on the environment. We are committed to going green and providing care that is eco-friendly and which will promote your oral and overall health as well as a healthier environment. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates and learn more about our eco-friendly dental office in Dunkirk, Maryland, call us today at 410-257-7200!

What Is Green Dentistry?

Eco logoGreen dentistry is a broad topic which includes our patients’ wellbeing as well as the environmentally friendly products and practices implemented in our office. The Eco Dentistry Association® defines a “green dental practice” as a dental office which:

  • Reduces waste and pollution
  • Saves water, energy and money
  • Incorporates high-tech innovations
  • Is wellness-based

By using eco-friendly, non-toxic products we can benefit the environment as well as your health. We do this by using only non-toxic materials in your treatments, and by using eco-friendly and non-toxic disinfectants to keep our office and equipment clean. We also make every effort to eliminate unnecessary waste by using alternatives to plastic materials and recycling any paper or plastics that we do use. Additionally, we are careful with our use of important resources such as water.

Did you know …

Each year, dental offices generate a total of:

  • Eight million lead foils (used in packaging dental X-ray film)
  • 28 million liters of toxic X-ray fixer
  • Seven tons of mercury waste
  • Seven billion sterilization pouches
  • 680 million chair covers, light handle covers and patient bibs

Dental offices also use significant amounts of water. In fact, the average dental office may use as much as 57,000 gallons of water each year. At Calvert Smiles, we use a special dry vacuum system to reduce the amount of water we use.

Our Commitment to Going Green

Our team at Calvert Smiles has taken significant measures to “go green” and reduce our impact on the environment. Here are a few of the things we do at our office:

  • Reducing the use of plastic barriers and disposable supplies by using cloth headrests and chair covers, recycled glass cups and other environmentally friendly materials.
  • Using eco-friendly disinfectants and multi-purpose cleaners to achiever high air quality standards.
  • Eliminating the use of toxic sterilizers by selecting instruments that can be sterilized with heat.
  • Using digital X-ray systems to eliminate chemical waste.
  • Recycling cardboard, paper and plastic.
  • Collecting and recycling ink and toner cartridges.
  • Using rechargeable batteries.
  • Providing our patients with toothbrushes made from recycled yogurt containers or bamboo and recycling the disposable toothbrushes used by patients in our office.
  • Composting our kitchen waste.
  • Providing filtered drinking water in our break room and reception room.
  • If we do need to purchase disposable products, we buy products made from at least 50% recycled consumer waste and which come in recycled packaging.
  • Stationary and printed communication are printed on paper that is at least 25% recycled.
  • Using electronic communication whenever possible.
  • Printing and copying double-sided when possible.
  • Using VOC-free or low-VOC wallpaper adhesive, paints, carpets and vinyl, as well as natural stone countertops.
  • Using LED lighting, motion detectors and energy saving computers, washers, dryers and dishwashers.
  • Using furniture made from renewable sources, including reclaimed wood.
  • Using hand sanitizer instead of soap and water when possible.
  • Turning off the faucet when brushing your teeth.
  • Taking continuing education courses about green dentistry.
  • Participating in many non-profit efforts focused on preservation of the Chesapeake Bay.
  • Using only BPA-free adhesives and sealants.
  • Maintaining a sugar-free candy bar to help fight tooth decay naturally.
  • Using a steam disinfecting unit with reusable instrument cloth pouches.
  • Purifying our own water and using it in the treatments we provide.

To learn more about green dentistry and schedule your appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today!