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Gena Schultheis, DDS

Available at: Dunkirk, Annapolis & Crownsville

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Maryland Holistic Dentistry


Bio compatible dental fillings, regenerative medicine, digital dental films, low radiation, safer removal of mercury fillings using SMART protocol, and biomimetic.

Smile Makeover

With our dentists, no smile is beyond repair! A smile makeover is a personalized, comprehensive treatment plan that can greatly enhance the beauty of your smile. Our friendly dentists may recommend a smile makeover if only one treatment will not give you the beautiful results you deserve.

Porcelain Dental Veneers

If you're looking for a brighter smile, Maryland Holistic Dentistry recommends dental veneers, which are thin shells bonded to teeth to enhance beauty.


Dr. Schultheis, Dr. Taxin and Dr. Ross of Maryland Holistic Dentistry offer personalized, biocompatible denture solutions to restore smiles and enhance functionality.

Tongue Tie Pre-Surgery Guide

Our dentists at Annapolis Green Dental are ready to help you prepare for your tongue tie release surgery. Follow their instructions and exercises to ensure an easy and effective treatment. Contact us at 410-224-4500 for any further questions.


Many people avoid or delay getting orthodontic treatment because of traditional metal braces, but Maryland Holistic Dentistry offers ClearCorrect, a modern orthodontic solution that uses clear aligners to correct the alignment of your teeth.

Early Orthodontics

If you're wondering when your child should start orthodontic treatment, Maryland Holistic Dentistry can evaluate their developing smile to determine the right time for early orthodontics.

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