You can feel like an all-new person just from getting excellent sleep! At Annapolis Green Dental, we want to help you sleep well using techniques and technology that work with your unique biology. Read through the information on this page and the links below to learn why good sleep is so important for your health! And if you want to know how our dentists can help you get better sleep in Annapolis, Maryland, call 410-224-4500 to schedule with Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates.


How can sleep improve your health?

Good sleep can have a positive effective on your health in many ways:

1. More Energy

When you sleep well, your body is able to replenish the energy it needs to stay alert and get things done the next day.

2. Weight Control

Research shows that people are more likely to struggle with their weight when they do not get enough sleep. This could be due to lack of sleep causing an imbalance in appetite-stimulating hormones.

3. Fewer Heart Problems

Good sleep can relieve strain on your heart and body, lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol. In the long run, consistent, healthy sleep will decrease your risk of heart disease and stroke.

4. Less Stress

When your body is not getting enough sleep, it may become stressed. Better sleep can lower the stress hormones in your system.

5. Less Inflammation

When your body is stressed, inflammation can occur. More sleep can reduce stress, which in turn can reduce the inflammation in your body. This can also help your body age more gracefully.

6. Better Memory

Research shows that our day is processed by our brains while we sleep. Our brain makes important connections between senses, memories, feelings and events. Our memory is not as good if we do not get proper sleep.

7. Better Mental Health

When you sleep more, you might become happier! Sleep can create a better balance of chemicals in the body, including serotonin. A deficiency in serotonin can lead to depression, meaning good sleep puts you at a lower risk of depression and anxiety.

8. Enhanced Body Repair

You might think your whole body is relaxing while you are asleep, but this is actually an important time for your body to repair damage from stress, sun exposure and injuries. Protein production increases while you are asleep, which your cells then use to repair damage.

Are you ready to benefit from better sleep? Call to schedule a consultation with our dentists and learn what we can do for you! You can learn more about sleep disordered breathing, snoring treatment and the natural solutions our team can provide to help with sleep, breathing and pain, by visiting our Sleep Solutions website.

Sleep Solutions

Sleep & Body Repair

Having restorative sleep is important for your physical health, as it allows for your body to heal. Sleep apnea is disruptive to this process. Fortunately, our dentists and team at Annapolis Green Dental can help.

Sleep & Mental Health

We at Annapolis Green Dental invite you to learn more about the effect sleep apnea has on your mental health. If you are interested in sleep apnea treatment in Annapolis, Maryland, and would like to schedule a visit with our dentists, Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates, call us today at 410-224-4500.

Sleep Apnea Screening

Our dentists and team at Maryland Holistic Dentistry provide accurate sleep apnea screenings and recommend early treatment to improve your breathing and decrease symptoms that impact your health and quality of life.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

If you have sleep apnea, our dentists can help with oral appliance therapy. These appliances keep your airway open to improve your breathing and sleep.