Dental implants are designed as permanent replacements for your missing teeth and provide many benefits for your long-term oral health. Our dentists and team are dedicated to helping you regain your health and smile so that you can enjoy a beautiful and natural-looking result for years to come. Call Annapolis Green Dental at 410-224-4500 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates and learn more about how implant dentistry in Annapolis, Dunkirk and Crownsville, Maryland, can benefit you.

Dental implants consist of an artificial post inserted into the jawbone. This post is made of biocompatible materials and replaces the tooth root to provide a stable foundation for the abutment, or connecting piece, and the implant restoration. Implant restorations may be a single crown, a bridge, or a complete or partial denture.

An implant provides many benefits for your smile and oral health both immediately and long-term, including:

  • A final replacement that looks, feels and functions like your original tooth
  • A replacement for your tooth root that stimulates supporting bone to keep it healthy
  • Implant crowns that have the same chewing power as your natural teeth
  • A treatment that does not require reducing other teeth, keeping your remaining natural teeth intact to promote long-term oral health
  • A treatment that helps keep your remaining teeth stable and prevents them from shifting
  • Implant-supported dentures that are highly stable and remain in place without the need for adhesives
  • A treatment that can last a lifetime with proper oral hygiene care

Anyone who has lost a tooth is a candidate for implant dentistry. If you have a preexisting condition such as tooth decay or periodontal disease, you will need to complete treatment for that condition prior to receiving an implant. A bone grafting procedure may also be recommended to ensure that you have sufficient supporting bone tissue for the implant.

During your initial consultation, our dentists will examine your mouth to determine if implants are the right option for you. We will work closely with you throughout your treatment process to ensure that your experience is as smooth, precise and comfortable as possible.

Please contact us if you have any questions about implant dentistry or to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists.