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Calvert Smiles

Gena Schultheis, DDS

Available at: Dunkirk, Annapolis & Crownsville

Emily Halle, DMD

Available at: Dunkirk & Annapolis

Adam Taxin, DDS

Available at: Dunkirk

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Calvert Smiles


Bio compatible dental fillings, regenerative medicine, digital dental films, low radiation, safer removal of mercury fillings using SMART protocol, and biomimetic.

Bone Grafting & PRF

Depending on the health of your jawbone, Maryland Holistic Dentistry may recommend bone grafting treatment before a more involved dental restoration, using platelet rich fibrin as grafting material to capitalize on the body's natural healing properties.

All-on-4® Implants

Contact Maryland Holistic Dentistry today at 410-224-4500 to schedule your consultation with our experienced dentists and learn more about All-on-4 implants in Annapolis, Maryland.

IV Sedation

Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates provide IV sedation to help patients receive dental care without stress or anxiety at Maryland Holistic Dentistry, where they prioritize patient comfort and safety.

Root Canal Treatment

If you're dealing with infected or damaged teeth, save your smile with root canal treatment at Maryland Holistic Dentistry - where their skilled dentists will use advanced techniques and anesthesia to minimize discomfort and ensure a comfortable experience.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If your wisdom teeth have become impacted or may damage other teeth, our dentists may recommend wisdom teeth removal to protect your oral health. We encourage you to call Maryland Holistic Dentistry today at 410-224-4500 to schedule an appointment and learn more about wisdom teeth removal in Annapolis.</p><p id="">The third molars, which are commonly called the wisdom teeth, are typically the last teeth to come in. Because they are the last to erupt, there is often not enough room for the wisdom teeth to grow in as they should. When there is not sufficient space for the wisdom teeth, they may become impacted or grow in at an incorrect angle. Wisdom teeth that do not erupt as they should can lead to several dental problems and our team is here to ensure that your wisdom teeth removal treatment is as painless and comfortable as possible.

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