5 Things You Can Do Now If You Are Experiencing Orofacial or Jaw Pain

The joints and musculature of the face and jaw are some of the most complex in any area of the body. According to studies done at Harvard Dental, up to 30-40 percent of Americans have some sort of orofacial pain. Jaw pain can be of varying intensity. Pain can be felt in your head, ears, teeth, face and neck. There are multiple causes of jaw pain – temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD), stress, teeth grinding (bruxism), excessive chewing and arthritis. People who are experiencing muscle pain related to their jaw should try the “5 M’s” of muscle pain.

The 5 M’s of Muscle Pain

Mush: Only eat soft foods.

Motrin or Natural Anti-Inflammatory: Turmeric works great and we have Zyflamend that you can pick up at our office. Say goodbye to aches and pain naturally!

Moist Heat: Place warm heat on the affected muscles.

Massage: Gently massage the area to try to break up the lactic acid.

Mouthguard/Mouth Orthotic and Muscle Therapy: Come see your friendly dentists who can help you with a custom mouthguard to get at the root problem of the muscle activation and stress on the musculoskeletal system. Cold laser, ultrasound and microcurrents can be used in the office to get rid of pain, tension and reset the neurological system.

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