Dry Mouth

Are you taking anxiety meds? meds for depressions? using an inhaler?   Then your teeth could be at risk of deterioration.

Healthy Saliva = Healthy You

Saliva consists of mainly water but also contains electrolytes digestive enzymes, antimicrobial agents, buffering agents, and functional proteins that play an important role in maintaining health in so many ways:

-initiates digestion

-buffering pH

-protecting oral mucosa

-repairing teeth

-facilitates taste

Without enough saliva of good quality mucosal infections, dental carries and difficulty with taste and swallowing can occur.   This can be a result of certain pharmaceutical medications or autoimmune conditions. Sjogren’s Syndrome effects around 2 million individuals in the United States have Sjogren’s.  90% of whom are women.  It is common for SS patients to spend 3 x more on dental care then the general population.  If you are someone you know is suffering from dry dyes and dry mouth they should seed a primary care physician who can run blood tests looking for anti-SSA, anti-SSB, rheumatoid factor and antinuclear antibody.  It is common for those with other autoimmune conditions to develop Sjogren’s Syndrome so do not just think these symptoms are “normal”.  There are homeopathic solutions to stimulate additional salivary flow as well as dietarary changes that can be made to strengthen the teeth.  In addition there are prescription medications as well if infections start to grow in this unfavorable wet environment.  (see our other blogs on Dry Mouth)

Natural Solutions to dry mouth:

  2. OIL PULL with cocunut oil, avocado oil, grape seed oil, sesame oil
  3. use xylitol products
  4. amoid acidic or sugary foods
  5. schedule a consultation to discuss which homeopathic remedies or chinese herbs may be helpful for you
  6. ingest adequate minerals, omega 3,6,9’s, and foods with antioxidants