Four Reasons To Schedule A Dental Exam

Four Reasons To Schedule Your Dental Exam with Annapolis Green Dental Today

Our teeth and gums deal with a lot. We use them every day, and while this seems obvious, it doesn’t always seem to occur to us we need to do more for them. Good oral care means more than regular brushing and flossing. If we want to keep our teeth and gums healthy, we need to make sure we get them checked at least once a year – preferably twice. Dental exams do a lot of good, and regret will never follow a visit.

Here are a few reasons you should make regular dental appointments to have your mouths checked:

Dental Exams Inform

When you know more, you can do more. Getting a dental exam is easy to do, and most obvious benefit is it lets you know exactly what is happening with your teeth and gums, which means you can make informed decisions about what to do next – more flossing, more brushing, or even if you are doing the right amount of both. Remember, this isn’t a dental cleaning. The point of the dental exam is to get you informed. It is an opportunity to ask about any aches or pains, or if you have any trouble areas to consider.

Dental Exams Save

You may know the feeling when you are told you have a cavity or need a root canal. Maybe you have issues with plaque and tartar build up, which is certainly the most common issue mouths encounter. Reaching that point is never fun, and not just because it means you have deal with any discomfort that comes with addressing such oral complications. Those issues mean more time and money you have to spend on your mouth. Dental exams, thankfully, help address issues before they become issues. It is far cheaper – in more areas than one – to get two dental exams a year than it is to do nothing and suddenly have to address a major problem. Our teeth and gums are strong, but we put them through a beating, and this means eventually they will give up on us if we don’t give them appropriate attention.

Making Appointments Is Easy

The best thing to do is make an appointment, which doesn’t take much work. Annapolis Green Dental makes it extra easy to schedule a visit, using our simple online form or a friendly voice on the other line (you can always call us at 410-224-4500). Annapolis Green Dental understands and we will do whatever we can to make the process easy for you!

If You’re A New Patient And Your Booking Today, You Save

And if you’re a new patient and scheduling your first dental exam with us, it’s only $25 for a limited time. Just mention that you’re claiming our “Dental Exam Promo” in the comments when you schedule your appointment.