Home Remedies to Stop Tooth Pain

Get Salty!

Salt n Pepper paste is amazing. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and an analgesic. I prefer “RealSalt” or a Himalyan Salt because they are full of minerals help to remineralize teeth and beat cavities. Grind black pepper and make a 50/50 mix of pepper and salt and apply it to the painful or sensitive tooth and let it sit. Repeat every hour, if pain does not subside try crushing garlic cloves and adding it to the paste.

Get Oily!

Clove oil will numb the pain and Helicrysium and Frankincense Oil will work on helping to get rid of bacteria and infection. Give your oil addition antiseptic properties by adding real vanilla in with these oils. 1 drop of the oil mixture should be placed on affected area every 10 minutes until pain subsides up to 6 applications.

Get Weepy!

Stop crying from the tooth pain and start Crying from a raw onion. Yes…back to the kitchen, just cut up raw onion slices and place it by painful tooth and chew, chew, chew, repeat

Gey Spicy!

Happen to have Asafetida on hand? Then mix this spice with 1/2 tsp warm lemon juice or lemon oil and apply to affected tooth every 20 mins for 1 hour until pain subsides. IF you don’t have Asafetida on hand yet, you just may want to pick it up as it can be used to stimulate the appetite, improve digestion, and reduce flatulence and is a nice spice to add to vegetarian dishes. Now that your toothache is subsiding you can eat!

Get Bubbly!

Is there swelling around the painful tooth? Then grab peroxide and let it bubble around the tooth for 10-15 minutes We prefer Essential Oxygen’s Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide that you can find on Amazon for around $10.