Saliva testing save lives!

Many serious illnesses such as cancer leave traces of their presence in a patient’s saliva. Salivary diagnostic testing services may allow us to diagnosis dangerous conditions earlier.

There is evidence that almost any illnesses with an inflammatory component, including cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases can be seen through a saliva sample

“We have successfully linked the secretion of substances in patient saliva to these illnesses,” said Björn Klinge. A swab test in the cheek of the patient will allow more patients to be able to have preventative screenings for deadly diseases. OralID is one test we are now utilizing in our office and many more are sure to come to market as labs continue to improve the breadth of factors they can pick up in samples. More tests like this will save time and money for healthcare provider and patients as well as save lives due to early detection. The current technology can pick up the levels of specific bacteria that are associated with heart disease and certain cancers. For example researchers found that men and women whose oral micro biomes included Porphyromonas gingivitis had an overall 59% greater risk of developing pancreatic cancer than those whose micro biomes did not contain that bacterium. Pancreatic patients are known to be susceptible to gum disease, cavities and poor oral health in general. Any patient with an autoimmune disease, inflammatory disease, or cancer must use the information seen in the mouth in conjunction with salivary tests and bloodwork in order to both diagnose and manage illnesses. To find out more about the cardiac, cancer, inflammatory, and oral health links that may be able to help you feel better and become healthier contact one of our wellness providers today.