Dr. Gena Schultheis and associates use cold laser therapy to reduce discomfort and inflammation and improve your oral health and function. This type of laser treatment is frequently recommended to help manage headaches or TMJ disorders. We invite you to call Calvert Smiles at 410-257-7200 to schedule your consultation with our dentists and learn more about cold laser therapy in Dunkirk, Maryland.

Low-level cold laser therapy is an excellent option for treatment of TMJ problems, headaches and related problems. This treatment works by stimulating the healing of the muscle and joint tissues to reduce inflammation and improve your oral function. Our dentists can use dental lasers to target specific areas of your face, jaw and head, applying light photons (light energy) which penetrates deep into the tissue of the treatment area to produce nearly instant relief. This laser therapy also stimulates cell growth and increases blood flow in the targeted area to provide additional long-term benefits for your oral health and wellbeing.

While your results are almost instantaneous, you may require several treatment sessions to receive the full benefits of cold laser therapy. Treatment sessions are typically about five to 10 minutes long.

For more information about cold laser therapy and to set up an appointment with our caring dentists, please contact our office today.